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     Beautiful Hiking Trails and Scenic Waterfalls

     Many of Maine's most amazing waterfalls are a short hike from camp !



                                                      Pollywog Falls in low water



       70' Tumbledown Dick Falls,

one of the highest waterfalls in New England,

              and a tributary to Nahmakanta.


  ( photo courtesy Steve Phillips www.spphotovideo.com)
Rainbow Stream Falls, just north of camp. The Appalachian Trail parallels this crystal-clear stream for several miles. There's wonderful native trout fishing in the pools between falls....




 Here's the same Pollywog Falls in the high water of May 2013. Just below, the river plunges through the legendary Pollywog Gorge, viewable from a spectacular elevated ledge along the Appalachian Trail, two miles from our camp.


 Upper Pollywog Falls, just below Pollywog Pond.

There's good early season trout fishing in the pool below.

Lower Pollywog Falls

Granite waterslide on Pratt Brook

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