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Dear Angel and Don,        

"We all had a super time at  Nahmakanta!  Thank you for your wonderful service and great meals! 

You make everyone feel welcome. 

The place looks fantastic! It is so comfortable and inviting. We will be back next year for sure!

Best to all",

                               Susan B. Edson

                               Vice President

             New England Health Search






"This was our first trip to Nahmakanta,

but definately not our last. We had an absolutely awesome time..! The food was fantastic to go

along with the front porch views. We did lots

of hiking, swimming, kayaking..! Saw many

moose, with a big bull moose parading right

thru camp. Trout fishing was excellent....we

caught a bunch of 14" native brook trout....

gorgeous colors..! The view from the

upper lookout on Nesuntabunt Mtn is

     phenomenal..! Mt Katahdin in clear view....!"   


                                                   The Gardner Family

                                                   Haddam, CT


 Dear Don and Angel,                  

On the behalf of the Nature Conservancy,

I want to thank you for the wonderful stay

we had at Nahmakanta Lake Camps earlier

this month. Everything was perfect- the

hiking, the views, the quiet sleeping, the amazing food, the swimming and of course

the moose.  You and your children made us

feel right at home and our guests from

Wash D.C. were in awe. I truly appreciate

all the help you provided me in arranging

the visit and the flexibility you showed with

our changing needs. I’ve been telling all

my friends what a great spot you have and

I hope to be back with my family in the

coming year.

                           Best Wishes,

  Kate Dempsey

               Government and Community          Relations Coordinater

Maine Chapter, The Nature Conservancy








             ...two wonderfully peaceful  and joyous days.We were married here the morning of July 4th  and couldn't have asked for a more perfect setting.

          Our time here has been truly blissful....


                      Mike & Sherry Edwards 

                       Limerick, Maine

...today I kayaked through a group of 11

loons on Nahmakanta. I've never seen that many in one place before.....! Such a wonderful place, and the Hibbs' hospitality is unparalleled.....

                                      Samantha Alderson

                                      New York City








  Dear Don and Angel,

     Sorry to be tardy in saying “Thank You” for your fine hospitality. We had a delightful time. We thought that your facilities are such that you should alert the film industry of your availability..! Things are authentic and it is certainly a place I would come in the future

to work on my book. You people present a civilized wilderness. There is a secure sense of warmth and calmness there. Don, you have a nice way of educating your guests and pointing out things of importance. Angel, you and Frede are wonderful. You have found two repeat customers...!

   Good luck the rest of the summer,

                              Vin Cahalane   9-20-06



Prentiss & Carlisle would like to thank you for your hospitality (and wonderful cooking) You obviously have worked very hard to cultivate and maintain your site. We had an excellent time and the accommodations were first rate. We'll definitely refer you to anyone wishing to experience a true getaway.

We will see you again soon.

                          Micheal J .O’Conner, CPA

                          Prentiss & Carlisle. Inc.

                                Bangor, Maine









We had a wonderful time here.

The cabin is impeccable.....very well

maintained. and the meals...fabulous !

Melted butter for the french toast...pure

decadence..!  The view out the cabin

door is so beautiful...what a great way

to start everyday. We loved the solitude,

the quiet, the amazing night sky,the fishing

blue heron and the frequent moose encounters. The hike to Bear Lake was a highlight...Having lunch overlooking the lake is something we won't forget. 

We hope to come back again some day.....

and stay longer!

                           Ken & Sherry Dietz

                           Ocean, N.J.


     Dear Don & Angel...

 This has been a very special trip for

my father and I. We enjoyed all the

hikes to the backcountry lakes, and

really enjoyed eating our catch every

breakfast. The lodging and food was

excellent, couldn't have been better.

My goals were to catch a brook trout,

listen to the loons, see a moose, and

most of all to spend time with my father.

All goals were met !!!

Thanks for a wonderful experience....


                              Kurt and Richard Ryberg

                                            Perry, Georgia      



   Don and Angel

I want to take this time to tell you

how much we enjoyed our time at

NLC.  The fishing was great, when

you lose count of the total number

of fish caught and released that is a

great day.  The camp was wonderful,

what a beautiful location.  My father

was able to forget about his bout with

terminal cancer for the time we were

there.  That in itself made the trip well

worth it. We would highly recommend

your "American Plan" to anyone

interested in experiencing a wonderful

Maine Fishing Experiance.  Both of you

were more than gracious hosts and made

our stay very enjoyable.


        Thank you again

        Wayne S. Magro



  Angel and Don,

I can finally put faces to your

names! By now you have already

begun attending to your next group

of visitors. I just wanted to thank

you again for letting us stay at

your camps and for such a

wonderful majestic week away. 

It was probably the most beautiful

and relaxing place we have ever

visited...!  Your whole family was

so friendly, helpful and generous. 

You made us feel right at home.


              Enjoy the rest of your summer.

                        Carol & Arnoldo Henriquez

                         Boston, MA










  Dear Don and Angel,

We would like to take the time to thank you

very much for your hospitality and the great

time we had at Nahmakanta..!   We would definitely return at a future date. The accommodations are extremely comfortable, especially Angel’s excellent cooking- The three meals a day are not only

delicious but extremely generous...! 


                             Nancy and Bobby DeCrenza

                             Pinesbridge Nursery

                             Ossining, NY



....we came here to see a moose and we saw several everyday. This is truly a magnificent

place to share with our family.  We had lots

of fun exploring, fishing , swimming and just staring at the beautiful lake..... Don and Angel's hospitality is exceptional, five star meals 3 times a day and many nice chats about this area. 

You will see us again........!

                  Stefan & Salome Steyn & kids

                 Oakdale, CT








" I hope we have good weather" is what

everyone says when a vacation begins!

But that doesn't have to mean all sunshine!

Last night we watched a spectacular series

of thunderstorms roll in. The sky began to

move toward us - fast- a rolling blue-black,

and the wind came up strong. It went from

dusk to dark instantly. Thunder rumbled....

right over camp! The roar of hard rain

was deafening. Lightning illuminated the

lake and mountains, giving us a hundred

shades of grey, tinged with blue and purple

and olive...! "Good weather at Nahmakanta"

                          Patty Poore

                             Gloucester, MA


   Dear Don and Angel,

It has been an excellent, relaxing, adventurous week..! Thank you to Don, Angel and kids for making us feel so welcome and comfortable. We absolutely loved all the trails, the blueberry ledges, swimming in the lake. We saw moose,loons and even some incredible lightening storms..! We hope to come back for many more summers...

                      Franz & Cynthia Ingelfinger

                           Ipswich, MA







     Dear Don and Angel,

Thank you so much for the kindness

and hospitality you extended to our

family during our stay at Lake Nahmakanta.

Sitting down with John and me to explain

the hiking trails was much appreciated; you

made excellent suggestions and took time to

answer all of our questions. Throughout our

stay, if  we needed something, you were there.

You were so thoughtful; you made our stay

more pleasant then we could ever have

imagined. You were the key to our wonderful

stay at Nahmakanta...!

                    Ron Lessard

                      Princeton, NJ



28 July 2009

This has been the perfect combination of quiet, great food, physical challenge, relaxation on the

front porch rocker, comfortable cozy cabins.....  hot, clean showers, privacy when you want it,but friendly and fun conversations at meal times...! Gorgeous views of mountains, water, sky and stars.....the almost spiritual calm and quiet on the trails.....If I had to name my favorite aspect of this experience it would be the feeling of being like a kid again....Get up, get your packed lunch and go play all day.....then come home, clean up and wonder what's for dinner knowing it is going to be something delicious.....and then there are those unbelievable, warm cinnamon rolls with all that melted butter....!


-Carol & Russ Hoffman     Osprey, FL








" just one of the great

Brook Trout Lisa caught in the stream"



Hello Don and Angel....                                                          6/16/2009      

When Lisa and I booked our trip we had only

hoped that after 21 years of being away that

things had not changed too much. As the world changes and things never seem to stay the same, not all change is good.  Everyone knows  the old saying you can never go back. Well boyis that wrong ! From the minute we arrived at camp it was like stepping back in time to 1988. The camps looked great and although a few modern conveniences were added they did not detract from the remote lake experience at all. It was great to be back. As far as the fishing goes I don’t know why but it sure seemed like the fishing was better than it was all those years ago. We caught more salmon and trout than we could count in the brooks and the remote ponds were outstanding!  It was truly a surprise to have such great fishing after all these years!  You folks do a great job at maintaining that true remote pond experience.

 I promise you it will not be another 20 years  before we get back!

Thanks again for everything as we have started a new set of memories!


                                 Al & Lisa Smith

                                      Prattville, Alabama


  "The diversity of birds was outstanding.....

     82  species observed in our brief stay. 

    The habitat around Nahmakanta is  very attractive for those seeking the more    Northern species. Seeing loons with baby

loons on their back is a big draw for birders!

               Thank you for a terrific time!

                                                                                                                                        Susan McLeer, 
                                                                Buffalo, NY













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