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"The Nahmakanta Area"  



"Nahmakanta "... has been a traditional Maine wilderness camp since the 1870's. Hikers, fisherman, photographers, nature lovers and families who appreciate it's quiet beauty and tranquility have been coming back season after season for generations......


Our camp yard ... lies between two clear-flowing trout streams

in an idyllic setting of tall shade trees, spacious green lawns and wild-flowers. From the screened porch of your lake-front log cabin, you will enjoy a spectacular wilderness panorama as far as your eye can see...



For Hikers... we maintain over 70 miles of beautiful and varied hiking trails, including one of the most scenic stretches of the Appalachian Trail, just 1/2 mile from Camp. One trail that's very popular with our guests leads to Nesuntabunt Mtn overlook, which rises 1000' over Nahmakanta Lake and affords a stunning, panoramic view of nearby Mt Katahdin, Maine's highest peak. Another trail follows a spectacular 1/4 mile long flume of the emerald-tinted Rainbow Stream, which cascades into a deep, crystal-clear swimming pool, a wonderful and refreshing oasis on warm summer

days. (photo below)



There are natural sand beaches on the wild, inaccessable shores of Nahmakanta Lake that are so amazing that our guests sometimes ask if the clean, white sands were put there by man! (Nope ! thousands of years ago by glaciers !) Our kayaking and canoeing guests love these isolated beaches for swimming, picnicing or sunbathing. These are just a few of the spectacular features that literally surround our camp. It would take several seasons to hike, paddle and explore all of the natural wonders of the Nahmakanta Area ! 




"Dear Don and Angel........

    Of the 4 or 5 other camps that we've visited, Nahmakanta is our favorite. Nowhere else can provide the same variety and contrast...... the moods of the big lake, the intimacy of the hike in trout ponds, the views from the Appalachian Trail....."


        Abbott Meader - Professor of Art (Emeritus) Colby College, Maine

Almost everyday..... we watch moose and deer feed in the shallows in front of camp. Birds nest around us in an amazing variety and abundance. Nearby stream deltas attract beaver and otter, herons, eagles, and osprey. Nightfall is always punctuated by the wild wailing of loons, the stirring symbol of the North.  




Click on the map to enlarge a topo map of the Nahmakanta Wilderness



This map with hiking trails and other features drawn in is available at camp for our guests.




...and although there is much to do here, it is a particularly good  place to do nothing at all...!


The Nahmakanta Area /"Things to Do" at Nahmakantana

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